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Bottom Base Material: 304 s.s steel
Tube Material: 304 s.s steel
Spider Material: Steel
Finish: Polished
Base Style: Modern
Color: Polished
Usage: Outdoor and Indoor
Base Height: 28.34"
Maximum Weight of Compatible Table Top: 160 KGS
Description: The Polished Stainless Steel base provides an extremely clean environment under the table and in the restaurants, without giving way to plenty of support. Stainless steel table bases provide the subtle touch of high fashion and yet can be used in the most extreme environments.The strength of this base and its contemporary look make it a great pair for polished granite tops whether they are located indoors, outdoors or seaside.

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Net Weight: 12.3 KGS

Gross Weight: 13.8 KGS

Base Plate Width: 15.75″

Base Height: 27.95″

Specification MM: 400*720

Packing: One Set Two Cartons

Packaging Volumn: 0.0235

Recommended Top Size MM: 600,700

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